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Sell Your Land Fast......Our Solutions

There are many problems associated with owning land...we have the perfect solution...

We buy land in any condition, price range, or area from people in situations like yours. We can pay cash and close in as little as 48 hours with no real estate commission fees.

We have the experience to evaluate your position and can make an offer on your land quickly. We will handle your transaction professionally and help you with your difficult situation. 

Here's what we can do:

We can take over your mortgage payments and provide debt relief to you and your family.

We may be able to pay cash for your land and arrange a quick closing.

We can work with your lender and stop foreclosure. 

We offer a fresh approach that provides a solution for you to have a quick sale and is customized to meet your financial and equity needs. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions. 

Q Are you real estate agents?

A No. We are investors.

Real estate agents "list" land and charge you a commission to sell it. There are no guarantees, if, when and how much they will sell your land. On average, it can take months to sell your land. Some take over a year! This uncertainty can cause you great stress and anxiety - you only get your check after your land sells. You do not even know how much your check will be until that time. 

We do not "list" your land, we buy it. We do not charge you any fees or commissions. We can make you a fast cash offer in as little as 48 hours and ensure a fast, hassle-free, stress-free sale! 

Q Will you pay retail value for my land ? 

First, the amount a real estate agent tells you is the value of your land may not be what you will put in your pocket. Commissions to the agent can even be as much as 7 percent. Your closing costs can be as much as 3 percent. 

Second, you may be making loan payments which may amount to hundreds or thousands of dollars as you wait for it to sell. Not forgetting the cost of your money tied up in property, which could be making you money, somewhere else. 

Bottom Line: The amount your real estate agent tells you your property is worth could be hundreds or thousand dollars less than you put in your pocket by the time your agent sells it, figures in your holding costs, commissions, selling costs etc. etc. 

We will make you a fair offer once we assess your situation. Our commitment is to make this a fast, stress-free and happy experience. 

Q I have no money. What about closing costs? 

in most cases, we can handle all of the closing costs. 

Q What will you charge me in fees and commissions? 

We do not charge any fees or commissions. We are not real estate agents.



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